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Anyone know a way of finding out about WW2 military personnel


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My wife and I have done some digging around in our place under floorboards and found a letter amongst a lot of other bits and bobs from an RAF Sgt dated 1944, would be interesting to find out if he made it through the war and if he's still around, or has family around or what the score is.... It was obviously written to a girlfriend at the time, but obviously if that girl became wife and they had kids etc, it might be something nice to share with family if they're still around or something....

Have his name and number - I've done a google search and it's not returned anything obvious, just wondering if there is a forum or something you people or ex military people know about..


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You can also approach the relevant service's archives.  We did this for my grandfather and the Royal Navy had an amazing amount of information.

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This is the latest I've found so far, he was based in Biskra (at least when the letter was sent). I'll keep digging

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