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HELP please: Fiesta ST-Line - Question about audio display screen


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Can anyone help please regarding the visual display screen on my new STLine?  When turned OFFthe screen shows a series of faded blue/grey boxes which look like residual imprints rather than something which is supposed to be there.

at night these boxes look even worse as they are brightly lit and the whole visual look because of this is tatty and looks faulty to me but my dealer said that all fiestas stereos look like that?  (My last one didnt although it was a more basic model).

i expected the screen to just go black when turned off but not to show these faded boxes.  Seems odd that such an ugly visual was a design of choice on a car which is supposed to be an upgrade but nobody will help me at the dealers :-(

can anyone tell me if their screen also looks like this when turned off?  

I have attached photos of how it looks when turned off.  

would really appreciate some help as feel like i am mad for raising it after the way the dealer responded (saying nobody had ever mentioned it before and pretty much laughed at me), but everyone who has seen it has agreed with me that it looks rubbish and faulty?   It is also quite distracting when driving at night.  I dont want to look at ugly faded boxes even when the stereo is turned off!

i am actually regretting getting the car because of it so it has spoiled the excitement of a new car and i am scared to go back to the dealer as they are laughing at me for beling so 'picky'  :-(



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supposed to be there also when you open the car but before starting it they should move but agree it looks kack

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Mines the same, but I never turn the stereo off, just turn the volume down. Then you'll have text on the screen instead or just stick the satnav on and let it follow you about.

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Yeah as Pd2 said, just leave it switched on with volume off if you don't want any music.

I thought mine was faulty when I got it but then I spotted a guy down the road from me with the same model and he confirmed his was like that also.

Does seem a strange and ugly design though. But don't let it spoil your enjoyment of the car.

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