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Building an M-sport ST?


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Hello folks - its been a while.

3-years ago I got some great advice from this forum and, after a lifetime of classic cars, bought a (then) new MK7 ST. Was worried I was a bit old for it, but how wrong I was… its fantastic.

Now its time to change (v.high miles in years 1 and 2), I have test-driven a few alternatives (135i, Golf R, GT86), but while some are faster, none 'feel' as good as the humble FWD fiesta. So, bugger-it, I'm having another. And going full-fat on this one, it will be a daily driver but may also see the (very) occasional track-day - happy to report back on this thread re: the new vehicle.

As mine didn't really start to free-off until about 6K miles, I'm going to save a fair few grand by picking up one from 2015/2016 with 5-10k mileage and will be adding a few mods off the bat.

I looked at the M-sport edition - but was put off by the flashy graphics (and having to pay for them). Mechanically, their standard model is an ST1 with a MP215 kit, OZ alloys and the Quaife diff. Additional options are a "Handling pack with Bilstein inverted mono tube struts and Eibach Pro springs" and "An optional brake upgrade featuring Alcon callipers, 332mm discs and Goodridge braided brake hoses". You can also add an exhaust and induction kit.

Definite additions to my new one:

  • Diff: For the last few years I've felt the ST really would benefit from an LSD/ATB (briefly had a MK1 Focus RS back in the day and loved it) - so the Quaife diff is definitely going on.
  • MP215: no brainer - should have done it to the first one and carried it over. Live and learn.
  • Rims:  actually know of a set of 17" Superleggas - but would prefer to keep it looking stock so will probably keep the standard ones unless there's a massive weight difference.

The above gives me M-Sport base-spec, just run-in with a 2 year warranty for approx £14-15k. Looked at a ST200 and would like the gear ratios, but there is little benefit over a 2015+ ST with the MP215.

Beyond this (and this is where I need some advice), there's a few tempting bits that, if anyone has them fitted, I would welcome advice. Its bang for buck I'm looking for without ruining the little car's value-for money. I'm happy to throw in another £500-£600 if I can really give it an edge in driving fun - or just stick to the above.

I'd prefer to stick to products proven by either M-Sport or Mountune (with no disrespect intended to any of the other tuning houses in the UK) 


  • Big Alcon brakes are out of the equation - I can't find any way of doing these for a reasonable price, even used.
  • Suspension: I suspect these are Bilstein B12 dampers and Eibach springs - if someone could advise on these I can price-up, but suspect approx £600 (I'll be fitting myself but this would finish-off the budget).


Quite a few temptations here:

  • Roll-Restrictor/rear engine mount - I've seen these from a few manufacturers - do these really stiffen things up as well as Mountune say? (£139)
  • Sport Spring set: I've felt the ST could do with hunkering down a bit, bit already find the ride a bit harsh. Reports say that (bizarrely) these springs, on original dampers, actually offer a slightly better ride (£179). Be interested to see if these are just rebranded ones from Eibach or the like.
  • Quickshift (£119), the gearbox in the Fiesta is great but I can imagine the feel could be improved somewhat.
  • Brakes: Mountune brake pads and discs may be one for the future (when mine wear out - typically went through a set of pads in 30k miles on the current one), but not for now. The St200 with its power hike gives me reassurance that Ford didn't think the ST needed a brake upgrade to handle the MP215 (slight) power hike.


So the temptation is to build a mini-special edition, with all the parts happening to come from Mountune:

  • 2015+ ST (with the same suspension revisions as the ST200)
  • MP215 kit (£649 - fitted without the M-tune box, or £799 if I get the box and do it myself)
  • Quaife diff (£800+5hrs labour, not doing this myself)
  • Roll restrictor (£139 - fit myself)
  • Sport Spring (£179 - fit myself)
  • Quickshift (£119 - fit myself)


The diff and MP215 are the parts I think the car needs from 3-years of driving it, the other three I am hoping I could get some advice on whether these are good value for money (and there's a certain reassurance from getting the parts from a partially-approved supplier).

Any feedback would be very welcome, thank you.

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