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Alright Chaps..

Long story short, I've just bought a USB hub (like a one usb to three usb splitter)..

I currently have all music on a 16gb memory stick that has lived in that one USB port since I got the car :) No problems - Bob's your uncle.

So upon giving my memory stick a new home (plugged into the usb hub), which was then plugged into the car...

I was a little peev'ed that it no longer works.. I've tried multiple usb sticks, and none work via the usb hub...

So my simple question to you people... Has anyone currently got a USB Hub (or splittler) that allows multiple USB's to be plugged in, and go back to the one USB port???

I don't need advice about bluetoothing music from my phone.. I was just curious if anyone had got the above to work..

Many Thanks


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Honestly I doubt you'll find anyone who has succeeded at it. Partly because very few will likely attempt it, and partly because I doubt it'll work. The software in the radio most likely has no way of handling multiple interfaces being connected at once (because it's cheaper to develop the software that way)


May I be so bold as to ask why you want to use a hub ?

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