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No power to interior fans? Anyone share some insight?


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Hi guys this afternoon driving home the engine fan got stuck on (its happened before so nothing new) I popped the bonnet and pulled the fuse in engine bay which stopped the fan, there was a little spark which I can't remember if it did that when I pulled it in the past. 

Jumped back in the car to start it and the fan is off, but the blower inside the car won't work now 😔 I've google searched and there was a common issue of the heater resistor going but the number 4 point still works in those cases where as my blower doesn't work in 1,2,3 or 4. The a/c light comes on when I press the button so that appears to be working but there is nothing come out of the vents at all?

The blower worked the whole way home it was only when I pulled fuse and put it back in that they have stopped? 


Any reply appreciated I have no idea at the moment as google is showing up nothing bar heater resistor threads. 

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does the heater blower fan have a separate fuse? is that ok?

if you pull a fuse out when current is running through it to the engine fan whilst the fan is running I would expect it to spark slightly. That would be normal and should not affect anything else. 


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It has a fuse in the glove box that is fine and I have swapped it to double check but it made no difference.

I was wondering if the blower would have a fuse for itself where it connects to power? I have no idea though

Would that little spark even blow that fuse though that's whats confused me, fix one problem and get an even bigger one that I don't know how to fix haha

Does anyone know what the three relay fuses in the black box in engine compartment power? I know the grey one in position 3 powers engine fan and a/c



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