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Thermostat Leakage


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Car: Fiesta 62 Plate 1.6 TDI

I recently had the thermostat housing and associated pipe work resealed as I was told by Bristol street during a regular service that it was leaking.

I have since been checking the water level on a daily basis and it appears to fluctuating between the high and low level limits is this normal as I have not experienced it on other cars I have owned

I am worried that the "leak" has not been repaired correctly and will lead/leading to future problems etc.

once again sorry for the Dumb question








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the water will go up and down. 

down when it's cold and up when it's hot due to expansion I think that's the right way around not sure :smile:

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thermostat housing on family fiesta 1.6tdci (10yrs old) has been leaking since it was 2 or 3 years old. I reckon it is distorted (i have tried doing bolts up a little tighter) because it is plastic, not the kind of problem that would happen on older cars when they were metal. I could never face redoing it properly (it would probably need new part) as it is so hard to get to (less space on the mk6 than the mk7). so for over 100k miles it has now and then had radweld added. it sometimes stays sealed for months and then water level keeps dropping many times and then it kind of reseals itself for a few months. But I do find that if i put water in above the min level it will always lose that water over a few days but then seems to stabilise just below the min level and stay like that for many months (sometimes) . a bit odd but it does not seem to do any harm (even though it sounds like it would)

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Best sealer I ever came across is BarsLeaks.   Put a bottle in an 06 Fiesta years ago and it never leaked again.


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