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Adding factory Bluetooth & USB To MK7 Fiesta or fit a Parrot?


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Due of the recent increase of points and fine for using a mobile while driving I am looking to install factory bluetooth and usb on my fiesta.

I understand that to do this using original parts I may require the following (Please correct if wrong and post part numbers if available)

  • Radio - I assume that mine requires to be upgraded? Or maybe its ready?
  • bluetooth Module
  • Wiring Loom - From radio to bluetooth module?
  • USB & 3.5mm Jack
  • USB & 3.5mm Jacking Wiring Loom - as current 3.5mm wiring loom is unlikely to have the usb ready to be plugged in.
  • Then finally I know someone with ford IDS who will need to tell the body control module/or radio?  my car has bluetooth and usb

This this worth the cost and hassle or should I just buy a Parrot for like £150 plus wiring kit?


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If it was my money I'd go the Parrot route.  For a start it is likely cheaper and its is probably going to work without much tweaking - you don't necessarily need to get a model at £150 either.  From memory the harness (i think its a T-harness but dont quote me on that) isn't too expensive.  You can even get it installed by someone who offers a warranty rather than do it yourself.  

The alternative route would be to totally replace the radio you have got and make the necessary modifications using dealer software to essentially clone your current vehicle onto the new unit (with bluetooth added).  You'd also need to source the appropriate wiring and connections as you say and I think need to get the right module to go with the radio (IIRC there are different versions).  You probably arent going to know the history of all those purchased components either, so you could be spending all that money for the system to fail in a few months.  Unlikely but possible.  

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On 11/03/2017 at 2:43 PM, Lewie226 said:

I just fitted a parrot to my mk7 easy ish but it's pretty tight behind that head unit

Where did you place the big blue box bit when you installed? Was it the MKi9200, is this any good?


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