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Ford Fiesta Tilt Handle Not Latching Cable - HELP!


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I am sure this topic has been covered numerous times on various websites/forums as I have read them all however I cannot seem to find a solution to my current problem.

The first time my partner accidentally broke my tilt handle and I was able to replace it by following a helpful youtube video (https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=T-JJH01Gx3o) and again I followed the same steps only this time my handle is not latching onto the nipple to enable the seat to fall forward. My cable is fine however my new part is currently in the seat and I have been told it is very hard to remove it in tact. Is there anyway to resolve this?

I have phoned an independent Ford Specialist from a local garage who over the phone told me I may need to buy a cable and another tilt handle which is around £55-£60 not including fitting (with him) which I have already paid £27 for this part that is currently in my LH car seat. I am losing my wits end with this and it has added pressure as my car is up for MOT (which I need tyres and a shock absorber to replace also).

Any comments and methods would greatly be appreciated.

Thank you in advance,


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