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100bhp to zetec s 125bhp


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Are you remapping to 125 on the standard car? As if so personally I'd go stage one revo and go slightly higher 


If you're buying a 125 as an "upgrade" then unless you're getting an amazing price then I personally wouldn't bother 

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So I've driven the 1.0 (no boost) , 100ps and 125ps (first two courtesy cars)

Boostless version is gutless. There's a noticible - but not huge - difference between 100 and 125. If you fancy a newer car anyway you might as well go for the 125. If you're just looking for more power, might be worth saving your money for now. 

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im going to visist a dealership on saturday to part ex my 100 ecoboost towards a 125 zetec s. going for test drive hopefully i notice the 2 seconds faster 0-60 time. 

current car 11 seconds 

zetec s 9 

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