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Sub £3 footwell lights

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Picked up a pair of 10w led lights from the bay- they fit perfectly in the holes where the standard ones should go

i had no stock wiring in place so up in the loft for some old Christmas tree lights - no not that tacky just for the cable

soldered a 7' length to the 1st led, threaded it around the gearstick housing, spliced and soldered the 2nd light in(remembering to pass the cable through the light holder and ***** the nut on the back), tucked it behind the passenger side a pillar trim by removing the door seal, passed along where the top of the screen meets the headlining and in through the interior light

Gave it a little tug, bared the ends - connected the live to live and the earth to the switched earth - which is the one attached at 90 degrees the the light(vertical) by baring the end of the wire and threading it through the hole in the spade connector on the light fitment , twisting it and once the connector is back on all is held in place

ill add some pics once its dark

these are the lights I bought

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I've got the footwell lights as standard and changed them to the led's, certainly not as bright and substantial as yours (think mine are only 5w right enough). Good job, nice little mod.

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