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Help and advice needed. Starting issue 2004 C Max 1.6 Petrol

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Hi all,

im after some advice if possible. I have an old Focus C Max 1.6 petrol and over the last few weeks it's developed a starting problem. This seems to be worse when the car is hotter after runs around town when I go to start the engine again. 

So far I've done the following which hasn't really solved the problem.

1) plugged in OBD reader which shows no fault codes

2) changed spark plugs

3) taken throttle body off and given a clean. 

4) just this morning fitted a replacement T Map sensor in the inlet manifold, disconnected the negative and reset the ecu memory by running a test wire from

disconnected negative terminal to the positive. Left like this for 30 mins. Then plugged back in and went through the relearn process. 

Starting problem is still there. Once started it seems to run fine although there is sometimes a very slight hesitation in response from the throttle when changing gears. 

What should I do next. The only things I can think off is the built in throttle position sensor on the side of the throttle body is fauty so I could replace the unit with another used part. 

Replace the coil pack and leads. 


Any suggestions on what I can do? I know ford can plug it in and test all the sensors but they charge a fair bit for this and I don't want to waste money on this if possible. 

Many thanks in adavance.  



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