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Fiesta Clunk?


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Hi, I have a fiesta mk6 1.25 and when I turn my car with full lock on at slow speeds there is this large clunk in left front side and when  i go to take lock off it clunks again in the same place. I think it's the Cv joint.. thanks 

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You can get a look at the CV joint without going on a ramp or even jacking the car up.  Go full lock and stick your head in the gap with a torch 

The rubber bit should be intact and shouldn't have visible grease nearby 


At least -- that's the case on my mk7. I presume it's similar on the 6. 

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This sounds very much like the issue mine's got at the moment, so when you work out what it is let me know! Had it in the garage and they couldn't find anything..

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