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Tire size


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I need to know if I can use 195/60/15s on my 2013 Fiesta SE Sedan. They have 185/60/15s from the factory. I do see some of the tire websites have 195s as an optional fitment. I assume this is because some of the Fiestas have 195s from the factory. I am pretty sure it is okay, I just want to make sure I will not have any negative issues with clearance or rubbing on the strut when turning. I understand it will be slightly taller. Also, does anyone know how that will effect the MPH?


Thanks for all your help!

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You should be okay

Check out this website it will tell you the difference between your tyre sizes as well as tell you if it's safe to do so.


Disclaimer: Even though the calculations are accurate it's best talking to a professional first.

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