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Charging through longer u.s.b lead.


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Fitted a dash cam in the back of the car and it runs off a very bad battery what don't hold charge as most don't these days,its not a new camera its my

old one but the thing is im running it off a long u.s.b lead from front of car into the back what plugs into the power point (ignition run ) and i never do long runs.

Being a longer lead like 15ft rough will this make any difference to the power it sends to to charge it as it never charges and files don't store on shut down or

is it just worth getting a very cheap capacitor one like in my front so then no battery to charge.


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It's probably a mix of a failing battery and the long lead. The battery may not hold a charge from any charger. It's always best to use the OEM lead, not always possible I know.
A lot of the dashcams are renowned for not saving files on shut down when they are just about done. It's always a good idea to get the best you can afford, you get what you pay for and and all that. If you can try to hardwire whatever camera you get and you will get the best results that way.

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The power is hardwire as my power point is always on so that's all done from fuse with a double power point/cigi input and 2 usb and double fused.

It worked ok when in the front,not 100% as still had the problems with files now working on pc but not this bad.

As for the lead its one that they sell for the Mobius and i think they state 15ft but i still have the lead in now but not worth having the cam in.

The power point did run 2 cams off ignition but cant see that being the problem.

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