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Turbo help for my 1.6 TDCI


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Hey guys, I'm a Brit who has moved to Sydney and just bought a manual 2010 Fiesta LX with a 1.6TDCI with 68k miles on the clock from a used car garage.

Aussies mostly drive automatics and hardly any drive diesels so figured i'd ask my fellow countrymen for your opinions.

I test drove the car quite hard, had the aircon on fullblast the whole time and pulled over and checked the exhaust while revving it quite high and there was no smoke. There were no leaks of any sort around the engine bay when i checked after the test drive. I pick the car up this Saturday, I'm just wondering what other peoples experiences are with this engine, good or bad?? It seems a lot of care is needed for the Turbo and the choice of engine oil is very important.

I guess I'm wary of driving the car away and the turbo breaking on me within a few months (There is an incomplete service history - i know what you'll say) so I'm wondering what I should check/look out for to make sure the turbo/engine or any other parts are in good nick?

Any comments are appreciated.



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I previously had a 1.6 tdci and it was fine when warm. Starting cold would generate a massive smokescreen.  

Worth checking for a similar problem. 

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I had a 2007 fiesta 1.6tdci from when it had 1,600 miles on it and sold to my brother when it had 146k on it. I changed the oil every 15k with Castrol Magnetec and a genuine ford oil filter. (I know that 15k is higher than ford recommend)

I never had any turbo problems. only problems I had was diesel seeping around the fuel injectors which I cured by doing the nuts up tighter.

Since my brother got the car from me he has done 6k in it. One of the injectors is seeping again around its base and cold starting the end makes it run slightly offbeat and uneven for a couple of minutes which I assume is glow plug problem (one failed may be). it's due an oil change but he can't be bothered so he's probably going to ruin it.

I loved this car and it had so much more go in it than my replacement 1.5tdci econetic.

Mine was a twincam 16 valve. later ones were single cam 8 valve. I am not sure when they changed over or if Australia used a different one to UK.

Anyway I would make sure you change the oil and filter and use good quality oil/filter now to be on safe side.

If injectors are leaking you will smell it when the engine is hot and you are sitting in traffic with heater fan on. And visually it will be wet around the injectors.

There are plenty of horror stories of these engines, but many of them last forever, but you never hear about those

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