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Android Auto Issue


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Have an issue with Android auto and not sure what the problem is.  It only happens when my Phone (galaxy S7 with latest software) is connected by bluetooth.  Basically I can't use spotify in Android Auto.  It just keeps shutting down and loading again then shutting down.  It's fine if I do the same thing through any other bluetooth source just the car.  Also I can play Spotify fine on its own.  If I use tunein radio within Android auto its fine.

The fact that it plays fine through any other bluetooth source leads me to think its something to do with the car.  


Any ideas?

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Does this make any sense to you?

A key integration here is Spotify, primarily because neither CarPlay nor Android Auto are required for it. Setting it up to appear under Sync’s app section could be a little more obvious. I had to plug in, open the app on the phone from scratch, then wait for a prompt on the head unit screen to add the app on Sync, and then finally add it.

Though Spotify can run on Sync from the phone via bluetooth, it only appears as an option onscreen when the app is running on the phone to begin with. Not always convenient, but at least it isn’t affected when calling or texting someone using Siri Eyes Free. Once done, the music just picks up again on Spotify thereafter.

A benefit of this integration is that Spotify can be launched by Sync’s voice activation, and that playlists are indexed, so those can be voiced, too. Siri can’t do either of those things, and Google Now can only launch the app.

With CarPlay and Android Auto, the same quirks apply, which was to be expected, given that neither has been updated since automakers began rolling them out this year. Spotify won’t play anything if the app has been frozen for too long, affecting iOS more than Android, but still happens with both. Conversely, it didn’t happen with Sync, and I suspect the reason why is because the app isn’t projecting to the head unit like it does with the other two platforms.

It didn't make sense to me but I don't use android auto

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