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whooshing sound like an air escaping when accelerating


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Hi. I have a whooshing sound like an air escaping when accelerating.

2008 S-max 1.8 diesel. 85,000. 

I have read the forum and most people seem to think that it could be a split in the inter cooler pipe but I have removed this as can be seen in the attached picture and its in perfect condition. So cleaned the pipe and reinstalled making sure that the clips are tight.

Are there any other pipes that I should check?

Thanks in advance.

Intercooler pipe.jpg

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I've got the same engine in a MK2 Focus saloon, the usual culprit for splitting is a small 90 degree bent pipe at the top left hand side of the engine which connects to the EGR, it usually splits on the underside.

Most replace the Ford part with a cheaper but more robust silicon part.

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A major problem is that Ford only sell the pipe as a complete part so you end up having to buy the whole length at about £100.
They seem to believe that it's impossible to undo a jubilee clip.
A silicone section is much cheaper and far more resilient to boot.

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I have the same problem with my 1.8 diesel s-max. What silicone pipe would be suitable for this repair?

Thanks in advance for your help. :) 

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Something along the lines of this:

Silicon hose for 1.8 TDCI

It costs a fraction of the genuine Ford part and should last forever due to being made of silicone rather than rubberised plastic which has a nasty habit of fracturing due to long term exposure to heat and/or vibration.

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2 hours ago, Dayna jeffrey said:

I went to accelerate and I heard a loud wooshing noise

Most likely it is a split in one of the rubber hoses linking turbo to intercooler and on to the inlet manifold. There seem to be quite a lot of parts in this set of hoses on these cars, and finding the splits is often quite hard, they may not be very big or obvious.

The oil that usually sprays out of any leak in these hoses is a clue, but it can travel quite a distance so it is not accurate.

It usually means feeling carefully & firmly all the hoses, particularly near joints, and this may mean getting the car up on stands for some of the lower ones, and removing bits like the air intake filer box to get to hoses under it. If you are lucky it will be an obvious and accessible one!

Removing and re-fitting some of these hoses is a right pain, but again some are easy.

So it is a simple and relatively cheap problem to fix, but on all these modern cars, simple does not usually mean easy! Access is often a problem.

A possible diagram showing the hoses is: https://ford.7zap.com/en/car/99/no/0/2307/18310/80206/


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