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Reverse park sensors

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I've had these fitted X-ray vision I think it's called at the ford garage before picking up my car yesterday. 

On my old car you used to get a picture on the screen of a car and bars moving depending how close you are to something, for some reason this one just beeps there's no visual.

is this how it should be?


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Ford supplies and installs the X-vision parking sensors as an approved accessoire. However these are aftermarket parking sensors and just like any other aftermarket parking sensors the X-vision system is a standalone system which does not integrate into the existing vehicle electronics. It is completely normal that there is no visual information is shown on the FCDIM (display of the car).

X-vision used to have an additional CANbus module to display the parking sensor information onto the FCDIM. This optional module acts as a gateway between the X-vision parking sensor system and the FCDIM. However this module is no longer listed on the X-vision website.

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Thank you for the reply that explains it all for me!

the other question about ambient lighting what do they class as this? I used to have a glovebox strip light the holes are there for one buts it's not there.


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