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Fuel problem?


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I've recently purchased a Ford Fiesta Zetec S 1.6 Petrol with starting problems. At first I had it diagnostic scanned and brought up a P0 fault to the fuel pump.

I then proceeded to drop the fuel tank and test the fuel pump at the garage and it worked fine. After testing the fuel pump I decided to get it scanned on a better diagnostic tool (maxi system). The DST then brought up a Short circuit to the fuel pump and at one point other systems were earthin out. 

With this information I proceeded to test the fuel pump and here's my results. I'm unsure which wire is which as I don't have access to auto data.

Black/White= 11.18v

Black/Green/Orange= 11-12v rapid drop within 2 secs

Black/Green/Orange= 1.47ohms (20k setting) 

After reconnecting the fuel pump and proceeding to start the vehicle the fuel light came on although I have half a tank of petrol. The fuel pump also exhibits a quite prominent ticking noise, but it's intermittent and also is the starting sometimes it will fire straight away other times it will take 4-5 times to start. 

If anyone could advise me on what to do next that'll be great. 


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