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Cigarette lighter 12v charger query


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Not sure if right forum section but...

My 12v charger thing doesn't work anymore, its strange as it was working before, and I tried it again after a couple of months (I barely use it) and it isn't working anymore. I tried replacing the 15a fuse which is behind the glove box however there was not a fuse in the slot for the cigarette lighter there, and I didn't change it and it hasn't fell out, I tried to put one in there and it just doesn't sit in, kind of like the fuse for heated seats because I do not have heated seats I guess the metal prongs which hold it in are missing or was just never there in the first place? 

Unless of course it doesnt need a fuse and has one inside. 

Oh and the car is a mk6 facelift fiesta, 1.25 model.



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29 minutes ago, Luke4efc said:

Was it the fuse? If not sometime the contacts get full of crap and need cleaning, or just the socket replacing. 

Yeah mate, the fuse was black. a 15a fuse was in the socket for Daytime lights (Scandinavia only) so I just replaced it with that one which I assume I dont need

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I had a 2006 Fiesta Ghia and the contacts in the 12v outlet were dirty and I couldn't get my satnav to work.   I tried scraping them with a key and blew the fuse.   I decided I'd do without the satnav and started the engine with no trouble.   However, the accelerator pedal then did nothing.   I was very fortunate in that I had stopped right opposite a car spares shop so I bought some fuses and replaced the fuse.   The accelerator then worked.   


Wonder who had the bright idea of putting the 12v outlet and the accelerator on the same circuit. 

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