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Fiesta tdci 1.4 P0192 error code and injector issues


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My experience with AP diesel. Car FORD FIESTA TDCI 1.4 2006. Symptoms; rough idling, engine management light on, limp mode. When scanned with forscan OBD software resulted in error code P0192 – fuel pressure sensor low output. Took the car to AP diesel for diagnostic at a charge of £90. They phoned me saying all 4 solenoids on my injectors were faulty and would need to remove all 4 injectors for testing at a cost of £400. And if I needed any injectors replacing at a cost of £120 each. At that point I paid the £90 diagnostic test and took my car away. I did not even get a diagnostic test result piece of paper to document the errors to my injectors. When I asked for the results all they said were the injector solenoids were out of normal range. Terrible customer service, they did not even offer to drive me to the train station when I dropped my car there.

Subsequently removed my injectors and took them to Peter Strong in Reading to get them tested at £12 each. He stated all 4 injectors had low fuel output at 2ml per second and the normal output was 4.5-6ml per second at idle. He stated all 4 injectors would need replacing at £175 per injector. No test sheet provided, and did not explain how the injectors became faulty, not a lot of help really.

I was not happy with his diagnosis so took the injectors to LYNX diesels in Reading. He also stated all 4 injectors were blocked and had low fuel output and would charge me £120 per injector to change the nozzles and this would correct the problem.


I purchased 4 new nozzles from darwen diesels at £140 including delivery, swapped out the nozzles and placed them back into the car. When testing the old nozzles I found only 2 of the 4 nozzles were blocked! As I had 4 new nozzles I replaced all the injectors with new nozzles. When I used forscan again I had the same error code P0192! After some googling, a weeks’ worth I found an article which said the connector to the fuel pressure sensor deteriorates and can cause this error code. After testing the connector with a multi meter I found the problem. Purchase a used second hand wiring harness of eBay and solved the problem!!!

With the change of injector nozzles the car idles quieter and the fuel economy became better, so the blocked nozzles did effect the cars performance, economy and noise levels. A job worth doing.

So far after 1000 miles the car is running perfectly.

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