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SMAax 2.0 TDCI - Boot not opening


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Need some help please.

My Boot on a 59 plate S-MAX has stopped unlocking.,......cant get into the boot.

Is there a fuse I can try removing or relay and then see if it works again?

Maybe the door locking solenoid has given up - but how can I get into the boot with the solenoid not working? - any ideas please........struggling for cash and don't want to go to main dealer.

Any help appreciated.



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Hello.....Managed to get the boot to open. I pushed my bum against the boot, kept pressing unlock and pushed until the weight was taken off the latch mechanism. I then operated the lock with a screwdriver whilst first spraying WD40 inside the locking mechanism. I then let the lock drip out the old gunk for 5 minutes or so and then cleaned it with a rag, before spraying silicone lubricant into the locking area.

Boot now seems to be operating smoothly :-)

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S-Max 2017 Model jammed tailgate  

Hi. I have the same problem. Tailgate locked shut with display warning ⚠️‘’Tailgate is open’

No noise from button. 

Can  I open from inside ?


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