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oil grades


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I have had some ford oil in the shed for years.........formula E 5-30 and never been used,there is 2 things i wanted to ask.

Can this be used in my 2 cars,my Fiesta 1.6Tit 2011 and the Clio 1.2 16v,i know they both have fully synthetic oil but the oil i have this ford E tub don't

say if its semi or fully synthetic,the main one is the clio as my fiesta don't use a drip from service to service and don't know about the clio yet if it does.

I have looked online but only gives you basic info and don't want to mix it.

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What i can make out is the E is semi as its a very old oil and what i read you cant get anymore so looks like down the tip with it as mine is all fully.


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