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diy brake change


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hi all my mot is thursday, if the brakes are starting to ware too low hoe easy is it to change the pads and discs, will i have to bleed the brakes or is it a simple swap and change, i can change the pads on my push bike's calipers easy haha






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It's dead easy to change brake pads and disks. Anyone that can do an oil and filter change can do this. It's 2 bolts to remove the caliper (sometimes one and a dowel). Just a case of not removing any brake lines and you won't have to bleed them, you may need a tool to compress the piston (just a plate with a bit of threaded bar that you screw in). You might want to use brake clean in the calipers and make them look decent whilst you're at it. Top tip! Apply copper slip to any of the metal pieces at the side of the pad to stop squeaking, and make sure you don't get any on the pad itself!! 

Spray some brake clean on the new disks as they come oiled (to prevent rust whilst sat on the shelf). Your old ones might need some love with a hammer as I assume they would have been on for w while. I usually leave a wheel nut on loose whilst I do this. I also usually apply some copper slip to the back of the disk attaching to the hub to help stop the disks rusting to it. Just a case of going in reverse order then.

All you need to do when they're all done is push the brake a few times so the piston extends to the required length.

Obviously I will have missed some stuff, but everything I haven't included should be common sense (like removing the caliper bracket to remove the disk.


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