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My Fiesta Van is going


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Well after about 4 months of ownership my little van is going.

Ive been in a battle with the dealer I bought it from pretty much since I bought it, It has a gear box issue aswell as some sort of throttle problem and also a knock on the steering which they tell me is dry rubbers on the top mounts.... I almost forgot to mention I found out shortly after purchase that one of the front wheels was quite buckled.

I have been tearing my hair out as the dealer have had the van on one occasion for a week covering about 100 kilometers in it and having the cheek to tell me they cant find any fault. The faults on the vehicle are very apparent and Its a case of them trying to get out of honouring the warranty.

After threatening them with legal action they have offered me another van in exchange.

Im gutted as the fiesta (faults a side) handles great and looks really tidy and is great for what I need it for.

Id definately have another in the future, Maybe a Sport van though.

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