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Fault code help


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Hi all

So have a 05 fiesta 1.6tdci with the fault codes in the picture.

Not sure if they could be related to each other. 

As it is the fan runs continuously on low speed after about 5 minutes after the engines been running, then for about 30second after the engines stopped.

The a/c button lights up and the engine idles up. But the relay gets no signal to kick the compressor on (kicks in if jumped and provides instant cold air). If I disconnect either of the 2 pressure sensors the engine idles down and will idle back up once connected again (so there's a signal there). But there's no power getting to the relay. 

Can't find any wiring diagrams or work out what is linked to what to find what the possible faults are.

So any help pinpointing would could be the faults or where to look I would be hugely greatful.



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