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Chipex Paint System - A little help?

Banana Co

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I've attempted to use chipex this evening as recommended by a forummer but I think i need some more guidance.


I have the tri colour system so have an undercoat and a top paint. I put paint one on, dabbed it with my finger and then let it dry for a couple of minutes as per the instructions. I then used the blending solution and wiped it side to side.

I then used the second paint and put a blob on and dabbed with my finger again. I left this for 5 minutes. I then used the blending solution. I kept going back and forth but it always seemed to stand out from the paint work. I kept going back and forth with the solution and eventually it just took it all out. Does that mean I haven't given it enough time to dry? Is it possible to leave the drying time for to long?

Am i also correct in blending both coats of paint?


Any help is appreciated, i really don't want to mess it up

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Not sure how i managed to post this here, could a mod move it? thanks
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