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Solarplexius Sun Protection Screens


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seen this product before and looks a good idea but they only make the tints in a crappy bronze colour , would much prefer either green , blue or grey tints instead

and completely useless for fitting to windows that can be opened............

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I'm seriously considering these now. After enquiring around to get the 3 windows done professionally the normal way, the average price would be £100 - £120. Although I'm not bowled over by the Solarplexius colour, I could probably live with it. What I'm thinking is, if I decide to sell the car further down the line, I would proably, at my time of life, only replace it with a newer model (Mk8), which has the same windows & I'm very happy with. Therefore, I can just remove them & fit them to the new car, avoiding the need of forking out for tints again. The other alternative if I don't get the same car, is to remove them & sell them separately to get some of the money back. Now, can I live with that colour tint, that is the question.:huh:

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On ‎18‎/‎06‎/‎2017 at 10:37 AM, chrisjw said:

Has anyone tried/heard of these?.........................






I fitted this on both my honda civic and my previous mito, as well as my friends mito.

Great stuff and easy to fit, offering good privacy and sun protection.

Easy to remove, and you don't have to declare on insurance as you should with tinting as it is technically a 'sun blind'

If my car was a 3 door I would have fitted to my fiesta to. Sadly I have a 5 door so if fitted to my car I would not be able to use the rear windows.

I recommend it :) the brown bronze tint given off is quite unusual and smart.

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