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Egr blank plate


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Hi all. I posted regarding loss off power on my 1.6 tdci 2005. I've got a blanking plate to see if this is the problem as I'm out of cash to spend on this (2k in 6 months) I'd like to diy 😊


I'm unsure were this would go as I've searched and searched with not much luck

On the actual valve I can only see one bolt. 

Or does it fit on the second pic as I've seen this on the net.

Help would be appreciated. 




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Looks like the first pic to me, hard to tell, could do with zooming out a little.

Defo not the second pic, from that pic it goes to a EGR cooler, at least on my 09 1.6 TDCi it does and from the EGR cooler it goes to the EGR valve.

Mine was a black plastic thing with a barcode sticker on it and it was located directly behind the fuel filter, had to remove some housing to check mine was standard.

Undoing the end in the second pic gave me more room to undo my EGR valve.

You should be aware it is illegal to block your EGR valve now and it's not really condoned because of this on this forum, however if you want to check to make sure yours isn't already blanked and therefore road legal there won't be a problem with that :wink:


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Thanks for your reply. Think I'll take it off at some point and give it a good clean.

I thought at first the problem was fixed but as soon as I hit 4000rpm in 4th i felt the power drop, Not alot but was obvious. There then felt a lack of power throughout and I have NO SMOKE?! As to ( it dosent feel like it is "safe mode" ).

On pulling into a lay by and restarting the engine the power returns 🤔 and so on.


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Check for any vacuum pipe leaks, and give the entire EGR valve a clean because where the gasses leave back into the air intake can get clogged up with a lot of carbon and stuff.

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