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Opinion required, pg/vg mix!


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Hi all, this is a long shot but I've been mixing my own eliquid for quite a while now. I tried my brother eliquid purchased from a shop to find that his is a lot more Flavourful! Very jealous! 

Does anyone know how they get their flavour so strong?

I'm currently vaping at 70/30 pg/vg. 6mg nicotine and 20% flavour. I try to let them steep for around 3 weeks. I've also tried adding sucralose (basically sugar) it did make it sweeter but didn't increase the intensity of the flavour it's self. I'm using a cleito rta for work on a innokin cool fire iv 40watt and a kangertech 160 dripbox (all standard) and 50-80watt

Is there any other methods I can try to get a more flavourful eliquid? 

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70PG is quite thin, would probably be giving you quite a throat hit, especially at 80W, with that. Did you mean 70/30 VG/PG?

Flavours are not good just as a singular thing - you normlaly need to mix a few to get a good liquid - have you tried the one shot flavour mixes?

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