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Someone hit their car door into my car - dented & scratched. How much would it cost?


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Parked in a car park, come back to my car and noticed a scratch and small dent in my door - does anyone know the average cost it would be to get this repaired?

I will post some pictures of it later - car is only a year old, so is very annoying!

Also should I get this repaired ASAP or wait until I'm looking to sell the car? What I don't want to do is get it repaired, then for the same problem to happen again.




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About £120ish from someone like Dentmaster or Chips away, or a decent SmART repairer of that ilk.  

A body shop will anally invade you because they'll do a brute force repair and repaint the whole door, possibly even the whole side of the car to get a blend and match in the metallic.

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Chips Away highly recommended in my opinion. Or anywhere else, you’ll find that unless you look with a microscope you’ll never see it, and for someone who didn’t know it was there in the first place it’ll be near on impossible to see

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1 hour ago, Banana Co said:

I was going to tackle mine with chipex but its fairly large, tempted to get these chipsaway guys to take a look, what do they do exactly?

I believe there is a video explaining what they do on their website.


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Chips away get my vote too. I think it's a 6-8 stage repair, it's a SMART repair (can't remember what the acronym stands for) Chips away use the SMART method exclusively, I can't comment on other mobile companies.

EDIT. Found the 'steps' used...there are 8

How exactly does SMART repair work?

Here are the steps for repairing scratches and scuffs:

Clean and dry the area to remove dirt and waxes that may interfere with the repair
Carefully mask off neighbouring panels and details like lights, badges and moulding to protect them
Sand back the damaged area to reveal paint and primer layers – we rebuild the colour layer by layer for a high quality finish
Prime with a grey base and cure with an infrared lamp
Apply the paint in thin layers with a spray gun, heating it to dry between each application
Cure the entire area with an infrared lamp
Allow to cool, then remove any paint nibs with extremely fine grain paper
Polish and buff the panel

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10 hours ago, CluelessTyre said:

Thanks all - waiting for a call from ChipsAway. Closest one is 100 miles!

Blimey, where do you live, in the Shetlands?

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Very handy to know about Chips Away, for future reference.  Have bookmarked them. Are they a mobile service, or do you go to them?

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used the chipex on mine yesterday, not bad but I suspect nowhere near as good as these guys. (it actually looks better in this picture.



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Hi all,

Thanks again for mentioning ChipsAway.

Unfortunately it seems like they are 'avoiding' me. I've messaged them on Twitter explaining that I'm willing to travel to the closest garage to get it sorted, but as soon as I gave them my postcode, I didn't get a response lol.

Any other recommended body shops?

EDIT: Btw - with ChipsAway, is the repair done on the same day, or does it take a few days to complete?

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I have had a good match with some "laquer free" colour-match paint from eBay of all places - granted, there is not a dent where I am using it, but with patient application it has already matched with a few layers (needs a few more before it's level) - I rushed the one side and you can blatently see it but hoping another few coats will make it look good again. For £3.99 it's sorted out the stone chipped areas by the bottom of the rear doors, and boot trim problem.

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