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Bump sound when turning streering wheel

Can't be arsed

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I've had my smax for over 2 years now and had no issues. Now things have started to go wrong. 

First, I had a problem with the extension that leads to the altonator. The cup that connects it to the altonator broke. So I had all the extension replaced. Worked fine for a week then I could hear a squeak like a belt slipping coming from the altonator. Now the altonator has packed up and been told the bearings in the altonator have collapsed.

Second, as I have been driving over the last couple of days before the altonator decided to give up the ghost, when I turn the steering wheel right or left I can feel a bump . The steering fluid is ok so I'm not leaking any but I'm hoping it's not the steering rack. 

All advice will be greatly appreciated. 


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On most fords there was a recall for the adjustable steering column. The gap between the fixed piece and the slider should be 70mm to the top UJ. Also the silicone grease was deterioting quickly causing a small knock,lumpy feeling. If that is similar to what you are experiencing let me know and I'll send you the pictures of how to rectify it. 

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