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Fiesta MK6 Zetec S/ST Rear Bumper Grille


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Hi all,

I've had a Zetec S rear bumper spray painted and fitted on my Mk6.5 Fiesta for a while now. The rear bumper grille is loose at the top, what's the best way to secure this? I've tried clipping it in, super glue and then Gorilla Heavy Duty Mounting tape. The latter works for holding the side in, so it doesn't fly off at 70mph. But what's the best way to have it completely secured? Just clipping it in doesn't seem to work - the bodyshop damaged some clips.

Here's a picture after picking it up from the bodyshop (notice the rear grille sticks out the the top).


Thank you.

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On 7/6/2017 at 3:30 PM, Jethro_Tull said:


Thank you Gerald. I purchased some over the weekend but unfortunately it didn't stick after leaving it for an hour. I've decided to put two screws in the rear lower grille, it seems solid now. I just need to paint the screws black now haha. Thank you again. :)


On 7/6/2017 at 10:47 PM, JKSEN said:

Personally, I'd take it back to the bodyshop and ask them to replace or repair the damaged parts. Especially since you paid for a service, you didn't pay to have your car broken apart! :tongue:

Haha Jake, I completely agree with you; the guys at the bodyshop are a friendly bunch too. I thought I'd fix it myself to be honest, since I don't know what much they'd be able to do, plus I'd have to hand my car in for however long. Thank you for your reply. :)


My looking great now thanks guys! :D

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