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Need help finding alloys


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I've attached an image of a rim, I've got a set of 3 off an old car but the 4th is damaged beyond repair. Looking for a 4th alloy now but I can't find the exact model, I thought they were Focus ST 170 rims but I can't be 100%. Any help?


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33 minutes ago, Jethro_Tull said:

Get the Ford part number off the rim, chuck it into Google, Robert is your Mothers Brother.

Looks like they're replica rims, not 100% but couldn't find anything on the Ford side of things. Just got 7.0Jx17 H2, 4108 M7703 and some JULL/JILL/JLL logo, I'm clueless to what these mean though - just assume the first bit is relative to the size of the wheel. 

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