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Fiesta Mk7 keys


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Hi signed up because my girlfriend has a mk7 fiesta, and have a few querys about it hoping people can answer.

Can the mk7 fiesta keys be suspended? in the same way BMWs can be plugged in and keys turned on or off - incase of a lost key security?

It has a seatbelt chime for the passenger seat, if we wanted to change the seats could this be bypassed for any seat to be fitted?

i.e. i assume its for airbags in a crash via an occupancy sensor, would this be a ecu program or a plug in sensor?

seat issue is that to me the fiesta seats you sit on not in, and long journeys they are not the comfiest!

any help greatly appreciated :)

Cheers Tris


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You can turn the seatbelt warning chime off using FORSCAN. Are you thinking of fitting a nicer fiesta seat from a higher spec? If so I would imagine the wiring loom would be interchangeable/modifiable.

I don't think there is any easy way to deactivate a key, I'm sure there is a way using computer software though. How does that work anyway? If the key is lost how can you plug it in to deactivate it?

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4 hours ago, Tris-Ali said:

Can the mk7 fiesta keys be suspended?

To remove a key from the keys able to unlock the car is very easy. You will need to have all the keys you want to keep active.

Just follow the standard remote control reprogramming procedure in the owners manual, this will disable any key not re-programmed in that session.

The Immobiliser (PATS) is rather more difficult. Forscan (a powerful diy diagnostics & maintenance system) can re-programme PATS, but it is not very easy. Otherwise it is probably a Ford dealer, or a good auto-locksmith. The procedure below will have no effect either way on PATS.

The remote control procedure (From Fiesta 2011 owners manual) is:

A maximum of eight remote controls
(including any supplied with your vehicle)
can be programmed. The remote controls
must remain inside the vehicle during the
programming procedure. Fasten the front
seat belts and close all doors to ensure
that conflicting chimes do not sound during
Programming a new remote
1. To programme new remote controls
turn the ignition key to position II four
times within six seconds.

2. Turn the ignition to position 0. A tone
sounds to indicate that it is now
possible to programme the remote
controls for ten seconds.
3. Press any button on a new remote
control. A tone will sound as
4. Repeat this last step for all your remote
controls, including your original. Do not
remove the key from the ignition when
pressing the button on this remote
5. Switch the ignition back on (position
II) or wait for ten seconds without
programming another remote control
to end the key programming. Only the
remote controls which you have just
programmed are now able to lock and
unlock the vehicle.



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