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Ford Fiesta Diesel Injectors


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Hi hopefully someone could help me out, i have a 2010 Ford fiesta econetic (diesel) and one of the injector seals busted. I wanted to replace all of the injector seals while i was at it but i could only remove one injector, that being the one that had the busted seal. is there a proper technique and or tool to remove these? Because these are stuck in really good! 

i had read that removing the solenoid with allow you to attach a slide hammer to the injector and pull them out that way. So after i removed the solenoid there was no real thread to attach too so we put it back together again and now the car wont start and there is fuel coming out the top of that injector which i had removed the solenoid from.

So question 1 is.. how to remove them properly?

and 2 is.. is my injector now broken after removing the solenoid? or is it fixable?


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