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Anyone in Northern Ireland have the Pioneer speakers/subwoofer installed in their fiesta?


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In case anyone doesn't know, Ford offer speaker upgrades which can be fitted at Ford dealers 

I'm just wondering if anyone has had either the sub or speaker upgrade installed in Northern Ireland. If so, which dealer did it and would you mind sharing how much it was in total? I'm interested in having the sub (and potentially speakers) installed in my 2013 Fiesta Zetec S Ecoboost.

I previously rang up Boucher road/Mallusk (can't remember which) in Belfast/Newtownabbey. They initially told me they don't offer speaker upgrades, and only checked after I explained that it is advertised on the Ford accessories website. They weren't able to give me an estimate of how much it would cost to install. Presumably they haven't done it before, and in the end I didn't bother as they didn't inspire me with any confidence and were generally unhelpful.

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43 minutes ago, Luke4efc said:

You can buy the subwoofer online and install it yourself. There's a couple guides on here. Same goes with changing the speakers. It's dead easy to do, so don't pay somebody to do it.

Thanks. It's something I had initially considered, but in the end I figured I'd probably just make a mess of things because I have no experience with pulling apart car interiors. If it is going to be an expensive install, then I guess I'll need to reconsider and accept the challenge!

I did have a look at the "Installing A Sub Box to Mk7" guide but the pictures aren't loading. Also, the guide says "this is not a simple job and I would not advise this to be done by a novice" :blush:


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Ah yeah photobucket turned into ***** holes and started charging for third party hosting.

It will probably be around £50 (most probably more depending on where you live) an hour in labour costs if you were to go to Ford. plus the fact they charge you more for the parts than if you got them online.

You could do it yourself for under £200. Talking £300 at Ford would be my guess, but it's not accurate by no means, so do some research first.

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