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Mk4 Mondeo 2.2 Boost Leak


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Hi all,

I have Mondeo 2.2  09 plate. I think I have a boost leak (the distinct whooshing noise is hard to miss when the windows are down). I have checked the intercooler pipes and they are good. Induction pipe onto the turbo is fastened correctly (No movement at the turbo end) and there is nothing blocking the airflow around the airbox.  

Does anyone have any ideas on where else it can be? 





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 just the whooshing sound, I had a 1.8 focus and the EGR pipe split on that and it  sounds similar. I got some sensor data out of it and it's boosting to 25psi. I am not entirely sure if it's down on power, I have only had the car for 2-4 months

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Had this exact problem. If your looking at the engine go to the right side you will see a pipe coming from the intercooler, on mine (1.8 tdci econetic) the pipe is metal and has 2 bulges then there is a rubber L pipe at the top of these 2 bulges, it was this L pipe that split underneath. To get to it you have to remove the hose and top of the air filter box along with the T'd off pipe that goes to the rocker cover. Tools needed is a ratchet, extension, think it was a 7mm socket that will remove the jubalee clips on hoses then a PH2 screwdriver for top of airbox and a swan neck pliars for the hose at the rocker cover. It is a sunday today so i cant get parts but i ducktaped the L hose until tomorrow and the noise is gone and boost is back. The hose should be around €30 from scrap yard but new iv seen around €100 once you have the parts should be about 30 minute job at the most. Hope this helps someone

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