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Been looking about for some wind deflectors for my 3dr 07 Fiesta. Seen a lad selling his Heko set for a fair price of £15, he hasn't stated whether his are off a 3dr or 5dr so i asked him and he replied saying that the front wind deflectors are the same size on both the 3dr and 5dr. Is he right? i thought they'd be a different length with the 3dr having larger doors than the 5dr. Does anyone know a site/shop where you can buy a NEW decent set for little bit more £. If it's only gonna be an extra £10 for new ones i'll just go for a set of new ones. Which brand supplies the best wind deflectors? cheers

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The two recognised brands are Heko and Climair.

Heko are a bit lighter weight than Climair but have a nicer shape to them which complements the car better. (plus a nice curved cutout for the smokers among us to dib the ends :ph34r: ).

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