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2012- S-max license plate light fault


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Hi members,

My s-max license plate lights are not ok. bulbs are ok, there is no voltage. I haven't found fuse for them Can somebody help, how to solve the problem?



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there is no fuse just for the number plate lights, most common issue on smax/galaxy was broken wiring where the wiring goes through rubber gromnet tubing from tailgate to under headling. check there first

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Thanks, Iantt, that was the problem with my car. It's the left hand side flexible cable gaiter. Two were broken in mine and three more about to go. Crap design!

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  • 1 year later...

Pushed back the gater... found 2 broken wires and plenty of chafed insulation above, where I had expected the breaks to be, insulation very brittle.

Couple of crimps and some insulation tape got me going for now 🙂

Kudos to iantt for the spot on advice!

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