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Is my Fiesta an MK7 i'm not sure

Grant McAuley

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But on some parts lists it might show as Mk6.  This is because in different countries the numbers are different. it went wrong when UK called the mk4 facelift a mk5.  some parts lists show what we call a mk6 (2002-2008) a Mk5 - common if looking at compatibility on ebay listings.


example, look at compatability section in this ebay listing, it says Mk VI (2008-2017)


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Yeah online sellers are a bit strange. I've seen the mk7(what you have, and what everyone else seems to call it). Labelled as the mk7, mk8 and mk9 (sometimes all the above on the same listing lol).

The mk6.5 was made up to 2008

Mk7 2008-2012

Mk7.5 2012-2017

Mk8 2017-

You can tell the difference in the mk7 and the 7.5 by the big "aston martin" type grill on the front.

They are probably saying 2008-2017 as very little was changed other than the bodywork really. Exhausts should be in the same place depending on the engine.

I personally don't use ebays compatibility checker, it's hardly every accurate.

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