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Eco boost gear box


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Sometimes it refuses to let me push into 1st and second sometimes it does but it crunches, it usually likes to go 1st to second alot more than 3rd to second gear. Is it my synchro? Tia

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Oh dear nothing worse than a gearbox removal especially when the garage makes a mess of it!
Expensive jobby!

Ever try removing a Lotus gearbox.

Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious!!!

Even our local Lotus garage couldnt fix a fault i eventually found was the fuel pump but had dogged the car for 10 years!

Every garage i know is a ripoff and its worse when its a woman who takes a car in.
My girlfriend just got ripped off after i told her to bring the car to me and i could fix it for £85 ended up costing her £300.

I guess thats the price she pays for being stubborn lol
Women and cars are very similar in temparament i have found over the last 40 years!

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my Ecoboost gearbox nearly needed to come out until they found the culprit, however, they did say that they were looking at 10 hours (minimum) for pulling the box off and putting it back on - thats before they isolate the issue and put it right; adding more hours to the job overall.

Lengthy and expensive job, sadly!

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