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Who is your favourite media Mechanic?


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Edd China I have always admired such a nice guy and great mechanic just a shame fatty got so uppity with him after leaving wheeler dealers i always thought he was a decent bloke.

Second hand car salesmen i should have known - just greedy!

Scotty Kilmer isnt too bad and i like Ericthecarguy , Chrisfix and Scannerdanner over on youtube.

I have learned a lot over the years from these guys!

Any other guys who are worth a look?


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Jock Campbell, probably because hes a bit like me - constantly swearing and barking :lol: He's also from a place not far from me, hes done well in life for sure. 

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Haha how could i have forgotten Graham he is a really nice bloke although he hails from Edinburgh and they don't like us weegies - they think we are all lower class!
He also took the mince out of my Rover820si he hates Rovers and for good reason i hate to admit.

Although if you watch the Garage you might have noticed a British Racing Green Rover 800 series parked outside lol

Just bosh it.



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Bit of a revive but I'm into Chrisfix's vids on YouTube atm. Between him and this site I'm learning more about cars that I ever thought I would.

I'm even tempted to try a rear disc conversion now... Totally stepping out of my comfort zone of LEDs, wires and soldering - ie stuff that doesn't matter if I screw it up!

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10 hours ago, Phil21185 said:

Chrisfix's vids on YouTube

ill have to check this guy out

not media mechanic but car channel's i like "boosted" and jamieFYD both cool guys who have MX5, jamiefyd is in the process of doing the mx5 as a cheap DIY build and how good a DIY cheap build can be, (not professionally good) 

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I might have to check that out. Chris fix's videos are pretty varied, from stuff like changing brake discs and pads, to servicing a diff, to coolant flushes, detailing and valeting, inspecting and buying used cars and a project drift car.

Also replacing indicator fluid =]

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