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Ford 6000 cd


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This may have been asked before but I have had a look and didn't seem to get a good answer.


I have a ford fiesta mk6.5 (56) it has a FORD 6000 CD radio which worked perfectly when I bought it but after going into the garage to get the clutch replaced the reception went really bad.


I have cleaned the aerial screw and reconnected it with no improvement. I have taken out the radio and checked the wires in the back. I have also removed the base and put it back on.


I do pick up one radio station (classic FM) it does pick up other stations but they are impossible to hear without static. No AM stations pick up.


Any help would be appreciated :-)

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Ford stereos of that era do have a tendency to go bad and I do seem to recall one of the common symptoms being gradual failure to pick up stations starting with AM. I also seem to recall that the failure is actually with one of the ICs on the board and so not really a DIY repair. If I were you I'd keep an eye on eBay for a bargain as there are plenty of units around given how many Fords of that age are being broken.

The fact that this only seems to have occurred following the recent work done is something I can't explain and it could well undermine my suspicions about it simply being a dodgy/dying head unit.

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I had a Ford CD Radio in my Mk1 Focus. One day the radio went like yours. I was convinced it was aerial problem. But alas it was not, I had to conclude that the radio itself had gone wrong. Bought a 2nd hand replacement and it was fine. Took the old one apart to look inside, could not visually see anything wrong, but it had definitely gone wrong inside 

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