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Number plate bulb replacement


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Hello guys back again with another question...

I have just went to replace the rear number plate lights with white led lights, but once I have gone to turn them on they do not seem to want to light up...

tried turning them around and still nothing.

one thing I have noticed is when I turn my lights on and open my door the warning sound "ding ding" doesn't happen anymore?

can anyone shed some light on how I might fix this? I thought it might be a fuse but I can't find what fuse it would be anywhere on the web so haven't a scooby doo where that is.

thanks a lot guys :)

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Update - the lights on my speedo also don't work! Please please can I have an update on how to sort This bit bad I I need to drive st night

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After someone messaging me it became apparent that the ones circled below are for license plate lights and speedo, the back of the glove box when taken out had a full list of each fuse



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