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DAB radio showing DAB hardware fault

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My Sony DAB radio the 6 cd changer type has started to show the message DAB hardware fault, the rest of it works fine cd and non DAB, I've tried to reset it it by disconnecting the battery but that's made no difference.

i know these are prone to faults, but any other ideas as to what's up, it's a 2009 car but I think the radio was changed by the dealer in 2011.

the message isn't on constantly, but flashes up intermittently as if there's a loose connection this is with the radio on FM

it was working fine last night , but this morning nothing, 

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Apparently, according to my local Ford dealer it's a software fault and the only way to upgrade/refresh the software is via thier computer, could do it myself if I had a USB port, not paying £60 to connect to the computer then anything from £30-90 on top

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I have exactly the same issue on the unit fitted to my 2011 Galaxy Titanium X, it appears there was no solution to this without a visit to the dealer? I enquired about a Pioneer replacement unit, but I think you lose the voice controls?

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