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Do Not Sell My Personal Information

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Would you trust apple to access your phone (online chat)


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Im having bad problems with my 6s and wifi problems when locked,chated online and wanted to access my phone in a session but i declined.

You agree for them to access anything on your apps and i have bank stuff etc,what would you of done.

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Let's face it, your iPhone already communicates with Apple anyway, sending info back to their servers so what's different, the person on the other end won't be able to access passwords for any of your apps or your bank account. (Unless you've got some secret rumpy pumpy stash/history on your phone 😉)

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I never allow remote access to anything. Except in work, couldn't give a stuff about their computers, in fact I would quite like my computer to go offline lol.

When your phone is locked and you open it up again how long is it before you see it is connected to your wifi, is it immediate?

Is this a new issue or have you had it since you first got it?

When the phone is locked do you still get notifications?

Two things I would suggest trying;
back up all your data to the iCloud and then do a full 'restore to factory'. Ensure you are running the latest iOS and updates.
turn off your mobile network completely and lock your phone. If you have your email set up on your phone then try sending yourself an email from somewhere other than your phone or get someone with you to send you a message via Facebook messenger or iMessage (not normal text message)

If you can answer the above questions and try the steps too, then get back to us with your answers and what you did out of the 2 steps above.

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I always turn anything that says it sends info back to them to improve stuff as i have done with apple on my phone,nothing is on to send info.

I just have a thing with bank stuff and passwords being reading into the rights what they say when you accept it says they will be able to look

at saved log in details and contacts etc so i just ended the chat.

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