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59 Plate Fiesta 1.4 Engine Ticking Noise


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Picked up a 59 1.4 Titanium Auto a couple on months ago, and it is making a very loud ticking noise after starting from cold which can be heard in the video clip at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOBd6abj2T4. In the clip, the first loud click at 16 secs is the aircon compressor clutch before I turned the aircon off. The ticking noise starts at about 20 secs. I made a start on an Is / Is Not analysis (problem solving tool we use at work).

- Engine / Gearbox
- Loud ticking
- At idle with autobox in drive or reverse, car stationary.
- At idle with aircon working hard (28deg outside temp), in neutral.
- Driving forward & reverse with very light throttle.
- When car has been standing, cold engine.
- First 1/2 mile or 5 mins of driving.
- RHS of engine.

Is Not
- Wheels.
- Brakes.
- Driveshafts.
- Rattle.
- Grinding noise.
- At idle in neutral.
- At idle with aircon switched off.
- In drive or reverse with increased revs.
- After 5 mins or 1/2 miles of driving.
- When engine is warm.
- LHS of engine.

I am hoping to get it sorted under warranty, but any thoughts on the possible cause would be useful. Has anyone had a similar noise with their Fiesta?


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