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Good news! Bluefin? Other mods?


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Hope everyone is well.


I haven't posted much on this site, but when I have it's always been negative, so time for some good news!


After a year and a half of gearbox issues (only had the car for 1 year and 9 months), Ford have finally agreed to replace the box under warranty!

Apparently the input shaft bearing had gone, causing vibrations, rattling and issues with selecting gears.


So now, I'm feeling it's finally time to enjoy this car. My warranty finishes in a couple of months and I'm thinking of remapping it.

Just wanted to see if anyone has opinions on Bluefin? More specifically on the 140 Ecoboost's (Black/Red edition)?


I also have a few other things I want to change/add to the car:





Any thoughts? Would you suggest anything else?


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Well I'd hate to be so negative, but these remaps will increase the torque of the engine. The gearboxes seem to be made of cheese, and the torque at stock is about as much as it can safely handle. Given all of your gearbox issues I'd leave the map for now.

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On 08/08/2017 at 4:34 PM, Ryzishh said:

What don't you like about the Bluefin map? Have you had issues with it?

I quite like the Bluefin and have had zero issues with it. I've taken it off and reinstalled it a couple of times when sending the car back to Ford for unrelated issues. I have no problems recommending  it.  However I hadn't found Revo when I selected the Bluefin. Revo seems to have the following advantages:

- also removeable and replaceable like Bluefin if you purchase their tool

- higher dyno'd output but with a smoother torque curve 

- more local support centres

- has a path to Stage 2 tune

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Thanks for the input both :).

I will make a couple of other changes, leave it a few months and see how the gearbox is coping then.

If I do decide to remap, I'm looking into Revo as a few others have recommended also.



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