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Wind deflectors


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Hi all. Just wondered what your experience was of these  such as hekos or other.

Are they any good?

Are some better than others

Benefits of these..

I Have a dog thinking able to leave the the windows down a bit of i have to leave him in the car a while and not come back  to a wet car if it's rained. 


Thoughts/ comments appreciated

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I have always used HEKO and find them great. Climair are Ford OEM I believe. They are much the same apart from price, OEM are not worth the extra apparently. I find that wind noise is increased with them fitted and you have to reset the electric windows so they 'relearn' how to close. You can leave the windows down a little without passers by seeing, and the rain doesn't get in. I do this for my dog and he is quite happy. You can also get a strange lock device thing that allows you to leave your tailgate ajar but still locked. You can get them in 2 different options, clear or smoked.

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I have heckos. They were a bit of hassle to install, ad to do it a couple times to get the windows to wind all the way up. I'm not talking about the automatic learning, but they wouldn't go all the way even when keeping hold of the switch. It eventually went after a couple days.


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I have team hecko and have had no problems at all.

 Team hecko come with easy to follow instructions which was helpfull as i was unsure at the time.

 My opinion look great but everyone is different 😃

Not best photo i know.


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Got the Climair ones. Nearly gave up trying to get windows to stay closed, when deflectors are inserted into rubber, the window is tight at the top, as soon as the closing window hits resistance, it reverses and goes partially back down. Took a while to overcome this, left them for a week or so without opening the windows, and they're fine now with no problems. Keeps the rain out, cuts out the wind noise to some extent....and they look pretty good too.

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